Monday, February 20, 2017

Baay Foodhauz, Davao City

Baay's menu offerings
The first time I saw this place, I thought it was just like any other "carenderia" or restaurants out there. I thought we will just order our food, eat, and then leave and won't even remember a thing about it. Well, it turns out I was wrong because this place is not like any other. Baay is a simple "kainan" as how most of us would call it, but behind this simplicity is the real beauty that draws people from all walks of life to come and have a taste of it's time tested menu offerings.

Baay Food Hauz, amidst it's simple setting is known to food lovers far and wide. This restaurant offers a variety of Filipino food dishes, from the all time favorite "Crispy Pata" to the not so popular "Toasted Bhon"; from "kinilaw" to "bam-e", and from their Buttered chicken to a whole bunch of other dishes - all are equally delicious. 

No wonder why this place is favorite destination among employees of IBEX Global, a known BPO company located in SM Lanang Premiere. Patrons, however, are not limited to those who work or reside within the vicinity of SM Lanang Premiere as customers would come from downtown area and as far as from neighboring cities just to experience and have a taste of it's scrumptious food.

Baay offers are variety of Filipino food favorites at a very affordable price. Menu offerings would range from a low as 80 pesos to 370 pesos, and most are already good for 2 - 3  people per servings. Two of the all time customer favorites are their "Lomi" and "Pancit" which happen to be my favorite as well. A serving each is already good for at least three persons at a very affordable price of a hundred pesos. Now how is that for a an affordable food without sacrificing quality?

Zabs Buffet, Davao City

The Filipino people surely love food. This is apparent is our cooking practices at home; food preparations during celebrations; and the so many restaurants, "carenderias", and street foods you get to see just about everywhere when you visit this country. In Davao City alone, you will never run out of options if you are looking for something to eat. The city has fine dining, buffet, casual dining, cafe's, fast food, and bistros types of restaurants. Among these types, fast food and buffet restaurants are the most popular.
Pizza, Siomai, and Lechon Kawali 

One of the most known buffet restaurants in Davao City is Zabs Buffet. The restaurant serves Filipino food at a very affordable price of less than 400 pesos. You can choose from a variety of options like soups, appetizers, salads, sea foods, deserts, and Filipino favorites like "Lechon Kawali" and "Lechon",  and unlimited servings of ice tea. You may opt for soda if you like but this will cost you an extra 40 to 50 pesos which I personally think is a little too expensive.

Street Food, The Dabawenyo Way

Pilipino food tells a story of long time integration of culture among its people. The Chinese, Japanese, American, Arabian, and European cuisines have found a way into the Pilipinos' way of food preparation and eventually into the taste of every Pilipino. Each region in the Philippines always has something to share when it comes to satisfying someone's palate. 

Proben and Isaw
But while influence from neighboring nations may have found its way to Filipino cuisines, the Pilipinos were, nevertheless, able to keep most of it's traditional food. In Davao, street foods are a must try. Your visit to this lovely city would never be complete without a taste of its delectable display of ready to eat foods along the streets. 

Let us go over some of the most known streets foods in Davao and where to find them,

1. Isaw 

Isaw is made of chicken intestine, is either fried or grilled, and then dipped in a savory barbecue sauce. This is one of the "best seller" in the streets of  Davao and every Dabawenyo knows about Isaw. This tasty favorite can be found in almost all areas where street foods are sold - in front of schools, in Roxas night market, San Pedro Street, and even outside of parks and right across shopping centers. There are even restaurants that do serve Isaw although I wouldn't really recommend this because it is a bit expensive compared to the ones being sold along the streets.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kaputian Beach Resort, Samal Island

Kaputian White Sand (Photo by Paul Amolar)

My visit to Kaputian Beach Resort in Samal is one of the series of visits I plan to complete by the end of 2017. As you might have already noticed in my previous post, I have been travelling to the different tourist destinations in Mindanao , both known and the not so popular ones. One of the places I have visited is Kaputian Beach Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal.

Kaputian is one of the most visited resorts in the city of Samal. The popularity of this resort can be attributed to it's budget friendly entrance and amenity rental fees, accessibility, and it's jewel-blue waters paired with the clean, white sand of the beach.

The resort management doesn't charge any corkage fee for foods and drinks bought outside. You can even prepare your food in the resort because they have a kitchen where you can do the cooking and a place to wash your dishes. If you decide that bringing food is a bit of a hassle, you have nothing to worry about - you won't end up starving yourself in the Kaputian. Stores outside of the resort are very accessible and they may just have what you need. The public market is also just a walking distance. So if you need to buy fish, rice, vegetables, or probably meat, just ask the locals so they can point you to the right direction. 

How To Get To Kaputian

Green to Blue Kaputian waters (Photo by Paul Amolar)
Kaputian is pretty much accessible to tourists. Visitors can either take the barge from Sasa Wharf and upon arrival at the Samal port, hire a Habal-Habal driver who can take them to Kaputian. Now the charge is usually a hundred but you can always negotiate. Another way of getting to Kaputian is via Santa Ana Wharf  which is within the vicinity of Uyanguren and Magsasay Park. Tourists can take the boat bound for Kaputian - this is the fastest and less expensive option. The charge is 80 pesos but you head straight to Kaputian. Those who have cars and motorcycle can take the paved road via Penaplata. Don't hesitate to ask for directions because the locals are friendly and helpful. In fact, this is what I did.